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Can I freeze the chanterelles

Question: How many wonderful tasty and amazingfungi exists in nature. And how interesting it is to collect them yourself, wandering through the forest in search of chanterelles or sprat, oil or birch trees. To mushrooms have always been at your house, all year round, they need to freeze. Is it possible to freeze chanterelles?

Ways to freeze chanterelles

Answer: Some mushroom pickers consider that in their raw formChanterelles should not be frozen, since after defrosting they will be bitter when cooking. But in fact, the chanterelles can still be frozen without boiling, only in this case it is necessary to select young mushrooms and make sure that the dried mushrooms do not get caught. Then the bitterness will not appear after freezing.

It is best to freeze the mushrooms immediately afteras you collected them and brought home. Rinse them well, cleaned mushrooms need to be washed and dried. Next, cut large mushrooms into smaller pieces, and small ones can not be cut. Place mushrooms in packages for freezing, squeeze out the air from the bags, close the bags and put them in the freezer.

In addition to this method, you can freeze chanterellesin the boiled form. In this case, they will occupy three times less space in the freezer. After cooking mushrooms are much reduced in size. For cooking, washed and peeled mushrooms in a pan, pour water and bring to a boil.

Once the mushrooms are boiling, remove the foam andadd water. After that, another twenty minutes of chanterelles should be cooked. Then throw them in a colander, the water drains and after that you can spread mushrooms on a dish. After cooling, place the chanterelles in the freezer bags and fold them into the freezer.

Fried or stewed chanterelles are frozen for quick preparation of soups or other various dishes. In this case, they are frozen together with the liquid.

If you want to freeze the chanterelles in different ways, then sign the packages where the frost is boiled, where the raw, and where the fried chanterelles. After all, after freezing it's very difficult to tell where any mushrooms are.

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