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Is it possible to frost the baths

From Georgian traditional cuisine came to usa meat dish with the original name - bathing. To prepare this food (it looks like raw sausages) use only pork meat. The meat is ground into minced meat, which is then placed in the pig's gut. Of course, with today's abundance of products on the shelves of shops, you can buy swimwear in a supermarket or on the market, but home-cooked dishes are always better, more useful and tasty.

Strict rules for the fat content of meat forcooking does not exist. You can use both lean pork and fat, but it is very important not to forget about seasonings. Traditionally, minced garlic, onion, black pepper, hops-suneli, coriander greens, caraway seeds and others are added to the stuffing, to taste.

It is important to know that the onion is grindedwith the meat for minced meat, and other spices are added to the resulting mass. Pig intestines are cleaned beforehand, and only after that they are filled with minced meat and bandaged with a thread where necessary. Usually the baths are crescent shaped, for this "sausage" should be bent by hand immediately after their preparation before heat treatment.

Like other homemade sausages, raw sweets can beStore in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C for no more than two days. In this case, you should avoid storing such saury in the food or cellophane film, since they can "suffocate", and deteriorate even during the day. Wrap the baths in a natural fiber napkin or parchment for baking, and then they will retain their freshness and original properties.

If you prefer to freeze rawsausages, then one day before cooking, they should be put in the refrigerator, and a couple of hours before frying - to transfer to a room temperature. To ensure that the bathing during cooking is not broken, dip them into boiling water for a couple of minutes before frying, and then pat with a towel or napkin.

For preparation of a bathing suit on ordinary orgrill-frying pan pre-grease them with any tomato sauce, you can even use ketchup. Then the sausages will be with a delicious golden crust. Extra juices and steam will normally leave the sausages if they are constantly turned over in a frying pan. As a rule, sausages will be completely ready after 20-25 minutes of frying.

Note that traditionally the Georgian sweets are prepared on a spit (or skewers) at the stake. Therefore, if you want to get out on the nature and cook something unusual - take with you just the baths.

Freshly prepared hot sausages are usuallyserve the most famous Georgian tkemali sauce, as well as ringlets onions and various greens. Try as a garnish for swimsuits and also serve light vegetable salads, bread, pickles.

If your swimsuit includes pork meat withoutimpurities, then their calorific value per 100 g of product will be about 380 kcal, very different, however, depending on how fatty meat was used for their preparation. When using beef or chicken meat as additives, the calorie content of the product will vary.

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