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Is it possible to cook sausages in a multivark

Prepare sausages in a multivark (panasonic,redmond, polaris, scarlet, muleinex, vitek and other models) is very simple. We will cook sausages and cook for a couple. They always help out when you need to eat quickly, and there is no time to cook another dish. Moreover, they are practically ready for consumption. But it is better to heat them. Read more other recipes with sausage in the multivark.

Ingredients for sausages in the multivark:

How to cook sausages in a multivark? Let's boil sausages in a multivark. The first step is to remove the cellophane film from the sausages. The natural shell of the product can not be removed. Put prepared sausages in a multivark. Pour water and close the lid. Use the menu button to select the Steam program.

Cook time for 10-15 minutes. The countdown will begin after the boiling water. Press the start button. The signal will sound when the sausages are cooked. The next recipe for making sausages for multivarkers.

Sausages in a multivariate for a couple: a recipe for cooking

Ingredients for sausages for a couple:

Preparation of sausages for a couple in a multivark:

Pour water into the bowl. Put sausages in a steamer basket. Insert this device into the multivark. Close the multivark. Select the "Steam cooking" mode. The time is 20 minutes. Ready-made sausages from the multivarka get out and serve with vegetables, decorating with parsley.

Sausages in a multivarquet with sauce: a recipe for how to cook

  • 500 g of sausages;
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce;
  • 3 tablespoons of sour cream;
  • ½ bulb.

First prepare the sauce. To do this, stir the tomato sauce with sour cream. Add a little water. Put the peeled sausages in the multivark. Add the onion, chopped with semirings.

Top the sausages with a prepared sauce. Close the pan. Cook the sausages in the multivark on the "Quenching" program for 20 minutes. Bon Appetit! You can also cook pasta with a sausage in a multivark. Next, look how to make a sausage in a multivark test.

Sausages in the multivark in the test - video of cooking

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