/ / Is it possible to freeze carp with guts

Is it possible to free carp with guts

only fried (in an egg and flour I roll and on a frying pan). but not! another couple did - as in the canteen)))

I love this fish - it's cheap and tasty! and bones minimum

Oh. we have fresh pollock. not so common

wait a minute. confused. whom to fry? pollock or carp?

Neither one nor the other should not fall apart. although I can get a lot of surprises from my plate. )))))

Pts beautiful. Lucky her husband))

he agrees with you))))) but it is doubly pleasant to me))))) thanks)

That's it: yeah :) A masterpiece! :) I can imagine how delicious. It will be necessary to unobtrusive husband to slip a recipe, let it hone the skill in cooking fish :)

really delicious! I have frozen 2 mirrors (or gold., all the time I forget how they are called "scraped scales"). on the New Year's table I want to close up!

Marie. but you can live for yourself. MMMM. I adore the fish! Everything was irritated! I'll go buy it.

You'd better come to visit yourself))))

For a long time you did not see))) thought, that to give birth has gone))))

Aha. I also thought))). But no! Sits-does not want (sorry, that's not the topic).

well, until you cook the fish, the baby will sniff and immediately want to go out))))

Mmmm, my favorite fish. Ksta, in the freezer one lays, I will necessarily cook according to your recipe.

By the way, I did the first time with a lemon. oooochen is delicious!

Oh, what handsome men. very appetizing look, I can imagine what yum.

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