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Is it possible to cook frozen cutlets in a multi-bar steamer

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Semi-finished products are usually called products,which need cooking. To the semi-finished products that are in modern stores, you can include pelmeni and vareniki, beef stroganoff and chops in breadcrumbs, chicken sticks and cutlets and much more. Depending on the type of semi-finished product, the raw material composition may differ significantly. For semi-finished products use chicken, beef, pork, onion, rusks, egg, finely chopped cartilage and tendons and much more. To complete the preparedness of semi-finished products, a minimum of time is required. But even here there are subtleties and nuances during cooking.

How to cook semi-finished products in a multivariate: cooking features.

How to cook semifinished products in a multivariate delicious? It is necessary to know a few basic secrets.

First, it is not necessary to unfreezesemi-finished products if desired to cook them. For example, you can pre-fry the cutlets. To do this, you need to turn the multivark on the meat frying mode, pour some sunflower oil into the bowl and heat it. Frozen cutlets should be quickly fried from two sides to a ruddy color. Next, pour a little water. We install the program "Quenching" and when the lid of the multivark is closed we bring the cutlets to the ready, which will take about 30-40 minutes. In this case, turning the cutlets during their extinguishing is not necessary. If we talk about the preparation of frozen cabbage rolls, then they can also be laid in a multivark, pour sauce and stew for 2 hours. When the multiquarks are heated, the cabbage rolls will be defrosted gradually and will reach the ready level.

Secondly, if you do not know how to cooksemi-finished products in the multivark, then you can defrost them, getting them from the freezer a few hours before cooking. Thawed semi-finished products are prepared in the usual way and require less time for cooking. For example, you need to fry the defrosted burgers from two sides in vegetable oil. It is not necessary to extinguish them.

How to prepare semi-finished products in a multivariate: stuffed peppers.

If you bought frozen stuffed peppers,then you can cook them in a multivark without much trouble. For this, take a bulb and carrots, peel, grind and fry in sunflower oil until cooked. Add the tomato paste and a little flour, fry everything for 5 minutes. Pour water to about half the bowl of the multivark, stir well the gravy and put frozen stuffed peppers into it. Stew the dish until cooked for 2 hours on the "Quenching" mode.

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