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How to freeze champignons fresh for winter

Champignons are artificially grown mushrooms, andtherefore, they are on sale almost all the year round. At first glance, it turns out that they do not need to be harvested. Let me disagree: firstly, now champignons are still cheaper than they will be, for example, in winter; Secondly, it sometimes happens that you want to add mushrooms to a dish spontaneously, and you did not think to buy them, then the workpieces from the freezer will come to the rescue. How to freeze champignons?

The total cooking time is 3 hours 25 minutes

Active cooking time - 0 hours 25 minutes

Cost - very sparingly

Caloric content per 100 gr - 22 kcal

Servings - 3 portions

Champignons - 0.5 kg

Usually, in order to freeze the mushrooms, II buy only the freshest mushrooms. They are snow-white, without brown spots and dents. In addition, most often I take mushrooms of medium size - they are the most versatile.

For any method of freezing, champignons needwash well under cold water. There are mistresses who prefer to clean even mushrooms. I do not belong to them: just carefully washing, lightly scrubbing my fingers with thin film. Washed mushrooms need to be put out to dry. There is no point in freezing additional water, because the champignons themselves are watery enough.

The first way to freeze. Champignons can be frozen completely. To do this, we remove the washed and dried mushrooms in a bag with a clamp, expel the air from the bag and close it.

Do not forget about the sticker on which you want to specify,what exactly and when exactly we froze. It's only today that it seems impossible to forget this information. And when your freezer is full, then it will be very difficult to navigate.

Frozen mushrooms are stored in the same way as vegetables, about 1 year at a temperature of -18 degrees.

Thus, frozen champignons I usewhen I bake fish or poultry. It is these whole mushrooms that can fill all the voids on the baking sheet. Moreover, the mushrooms should be placed directly in the frozen form, without preliminary defrosting.

The second way to freeze. But even more often than whole mushrooms, we use mushrooms cut into plates. We will make also such preparation!

Washed mushrooms cut into neat plates.

In order to ensure that during the freezing process, brittlepieces of mushrooms are not broken, they must first be frozen in a thin layer. I usually lay out a single layer of mushrooms on any substrate. I put a bowl in the upper part of the freezer for quick freezing.

Within a few hours the mushrooms will be frozen, and they can be poured into a food container or a bag. Do not forget to sign your workpiece. And again put it in the freezer.

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