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Is it possible to freeze salted salmon for storage

- a towel or gauze;

- a fish. First you need to buy the fish. Frozen fish costs an order of magnitude less than salted fish. When choosing it, pay attention to the fact that the pink salmon was not frozen and there was not too much ice on it.

Then the fish should be thawed. This can be done in some large vessel at room temperature.

Then, you need to gut the fish and clean it from the entrails. Cut off the tail, fins and head. If desired, you can also remove bones and skin. So, the real fillet will turn out.

The fish can be cut into pieces, into two longitudinal sections or completely salted.

Before you salt salmon, you needprepare a mixture for salting. Here you need three tablespoons of salt, one - sugar. Add spices and black pepper to taste. All ingredients are mixed together. The result is a mixture that will be used for salting.

Now rub the pink salted mixture. Do not be afraid to salve the fish, as a rule, it does not absorb more than necessary.

After that, the fish is wrapped in paperA towel or several layers of ordinary gauze and put in the fridge. Gauze absorbs water, which can prevent uniform salting and spoil the taste.

In ten hours the fish can be extracted and cleaned of the remnants of the salt mixture. The product is ready!

Knowledge of how to salt salmon in the homeconditions are sure to be useful. In fact, it is not very difficult. Over time, you will be able to give the fish different shades and each time will get a new, unique taste.

Cooked fish can be used as an addition to dishes. Also very tasty with her sandwiches. And there are lovers who can eat fish whole, without even eating bread.

cover with a mixture of 2.5 tbsp. l salt and 1 st. l of sugar (per 1 kg of fish);

add a few broken laurel leaves and put them in a plastic box;

close the lid and leave in the refrigerator for a day.

But it is stored no more than a week.

in the refrigerator downstairs. On the third day you can eat. You can also put pepper and bay leaf in brine. Keep

long undesirable. Therefore, it is better to prepare small portions. If there is a lot of fish, then store in the freezer, but do not

will be so delicious!

for 800 ml of cold water, 4 tablespoons (withhill) of salt. Defrosting pink salmon, cut into pieces of the right size, and pour brine. Leave for 1 hour, after drain the brine. Next, I smear the pink salad with vegetable oil, and leave it for a day in the fridge. In a day you can eat)

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