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Is it possible to freeze salted pike caviar

Good evening, master and master. Today, we salt fish with caviar and we make buters with curd cheese and caviar.

if you caught a pike

and when it was cut, a surprise in the form of caviar

Congratulations. you can get delicacy in addition to delicious meat. If a lot of caviar (I buy a few fish from the fishermen), then the caviar can be frozen. It does not affect taste, and you can eat caviar whenever you want.

Maybe someone knows another way to pick caviar, I'll be glad if you share it. I use this recipe for 3 years, so the recipe is checked repeatedly.

This caviar was frozen. We defrost it and salt it.

We put the caviar in a saucepan and pour it with boiling water to kill any byaka.

Leave for 3 minutes. and intensively we chat with her fork. The fork is wrapped in foil, we remove them.

Then we throw the caviar on a sieve, let it drain. You see, she changed color and looked like millet. This procedure is done 4 times, i.e. pour boiling water, leave for 3 minutes, filter and so on.

After 4-fold procedure, add caviar to the pan and add salt. Under the influence of salt, caviar changes color (you see a pinch of salt in the center and it changes color).

All mixed, caviar takes the usual color (this is what they sell in stores). Solim to taste, add salt to slightly, mix and taste.

When they have achieved the desired taste, we transfer the eggs to the jar and add 1 tbsp. grows. oil not smelling. And we send it to the refrigerator. The caviar will first be liquid.

When the jar stays in the refrigerator, the caviar will become dense and elastic.

Hooray! We make sandwiches, pour the seagull and bastard.

, it remains to nakibat cormorants.

Olechka, the easiest way to get hold of caviar is to go to the market for a pike. Successful catching.

I love pike caviar, I have not eaten a hundred years and then I bought itpike from his native Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, chose by appearance .. well, exactly with caviar, but unfortunately she was not ripe melenkoy. it will be necessary to test your way (((living in the North, we either beat it up with a mixer, collecting a film, or through a meat grinder + a mixer and a salt after whipping it became dense.) I'll take it from the freezer tomorrow, I'll try to get it from the freezer, and then the pike was shot, and the calf remained Thank you for the receipt

Light, boiling water is processed that kill parasites (so as not to get infected). You fish in the North are not affected by parasites, you are eating stroganin, and we are not afraid.

Good afternoon.As for me, this caviar is more boiled than salted, I never do so. Although we do not live in the north, but St. Petersburg, we are not afraid to get anything from a freshly caught fish. Therefore, salt brine, at a water temperature of no more than 60-70 degrees, minutes 3, I do not apply any clear recipes, I make the brine to taste: salt, sugar, dried dill !, laurel, black and white pepper, I do NOT add oil. By this principle, the salting of any fish, from karasika, to salmon. It is stored in the refrigerator perfectly, although it is usually eaten very quickly. As if the eggs are many, frozen already ready for use, defrosting in the refrigerator, to taste not to distinguish from freshly salted.

Thank you for sharing your recipe and opinion.

I do almost the same as you do, just add finely chopped onions, a little vinegar and mix everything with butter.

Oh, and I do it.Only without sunflower oil and caviar with salt I beat with a fork. It is so amber it turns out at once, beauty! And the taste is not inferior to red. Very, very, very. Thank you, then reminded of the recipe!

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