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What can I do with frozen mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are boiled, cut into slices and friedin butter with onion until readiness. They take the sour cream and boil for 5-10 minutes. It can be sprinkled with herbs, used as an independent dish or included in a complex garnish with meat dishes.

Frozen honey can be usedyear-round, which is very convenient, the packaging can be different, for different dishes: from exquisite about the simplest and fastest, which in any family and at any time and in any age range will go to "hurray." This soup, garnish, stuffing for pies, pancakes, salads.

Many people like Opyata.

Frozen honey agarics can be bought in modernshops all year round. They do not need to be thawed before cooking. The most delicious they are fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil with onions and potatoes, stewed with white cabbage, onions and carrots or with sauerkraut. Appetizing vegetable stew is produced in vegetable oil from aubergines, sweet Bulgarian peppers, carrots and onions, mixed with fried mushrooms. The proportions of vegetables for stew are taken arbitrarily. Very delicious is the filling for pies from mashed potatoes with the addition of fried in oil crushed flesh with onions. Fried fried with onions and carrots mushrooms can be scrolled through a meat grinder on a pate with a liver.

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