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Is it possible to freeze cold-smoked herring?

Many like smelling of haze, delicious and tender smoked fish, which you want to prepare for future use. How reliable is it, is it possible to preserve its properties so that it does not deteriorate?

If you know certain secrets, how to store smoked fish, then you can do it quite easily.

When there is a need to think about the storage of fish, which they smoked, right on the nature, the main thing is that it should be cool. There are two ways of storing:

  1. Pre-dug pits littered with rags.
  2. A package that closes sealed, placed and fixed in the cool water of a river or lake.

These options are not suitable for long-term preservation. Therefore, the fish should be eaten quickly, and as soon as it begins to deteriorate, boldly throw it away.

If as a result of the enthusiasm of fishing accumulatesa large number of fish, then store it for a long time, including smoked, better in special dry cool and dark rooms, where there is good air circulation. It can be a basement, a pantry, an attic. Well packed with foil or burlap, stored in a box with sawdust that does not exude resin, or sprinkled with a mite, a cold-smoked fish can be stored for a long time at a temperature of plus five degrees. Suitable containers of wood or cardboard, and as a filler for the product to spill the layers are also juniper twigs or nettle foliage. In the attic well hang the wrapped carcasses on hooks.

Store in a cellar smoked fish is not recommendedbecause of the strong humidity of the air. Mold presents a strong danger to this product. However, if the room is not damp, you can cover it with a piece of vegetable oil and place there. Previously, the cellar should be well disinfected, processed from various pests, insects, mold fungus.

You can store smoked fish at home in several ways:

  • On the shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Freezer chamber.
  • On the balcony (loggia).

Before storing smoked in the refrigeratorfish, carcasses should be wrapped with a strong saline tincture (100 g salt: 0.5 l water) with a cloth and on top - parchment paper. So it will retain flavor and aroma for a month.

Smoked fish in the freezer can easily be stored as follows:

  1. Pack with a vacuum film or in a container of plastic, suitable for food.
  2. Put on the shelf freezers.
  3. Keep up to three months, some varieties of fish up to 1 year.
  4. Defrost first with a low temperature mode from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius.
  5. To restore the taste, place in a preheated oven or microwave oven to warm up the fish and easily separate from the bones.

Deep freezing under temperature conditions up tominus thirty degrees makes it possible to store any fish that is smoked, at least a month with a temperature regime of about minus eighteen degrees.

Tip: Hot smoked fish carcasses are a perishable product. It is better not to delay and eat them for three days. In extreme cases, vacuum packaging can ensure the quality of this product longer. Observing the conditions, how to store correctly, on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, pushing to the back wall or freezing, you can keep the maximum time. Smoked carcasses are very fragrant, so they should be stored in a special wrapper or hermetically sealed container, where the bottom is recommended to put a twig of juniper. Do not store this product next to vegetables that have strong flavors, as smoked fish can absorb foreign odors.

In the cold season, a balcony or loggia thatwell ventilated and maintain a temperature of about zero degrees, can be optimal in order to store harvested smoked fish. Hot smoked fish for a short time on a cold balcony can be stored in a wrapped towel.

The terms of how much you can store smoked fish,in many respects depend on the type of smoking and storage. For example, knowing what the maximum shelf life on the shelves of the refrigerator is chosen the optimal for any smoked fish product:

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