/ / You can freeze a pumpkin to store

You can freeze a pumpkin to store

The freezer is simply irreplaceable for economical housewives and those who appreciate healthy food. I want to tell you how to freeze a pumpkin - a useful and tasty vegetable.

When you cut a large pumpkin, then itdifficult to store. The pulp begins to become moldy after a few days even in the refrigerator. What to do? How to save this useful product? Many people ask whether it is possible to freeze a pumpkin at home. Of course you can. After all, we freeze most of the vegetables. For example, freeze tomatoes. And pumpkin is no exception.

The question is different: "How to freeze the pumpkin correctly?"Just raw, or something else? Today I will show you two options for freezing, very simple and affordable. And you decide for yourself which one will suit you better.

Method of preparation: freezing.

Total cooking time: 30 min. and frost for 5 hours. min.

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