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Can I freeze the mackerel of cold smoking

Seafood is stored for a long time if the required conditions are created

How to store smoked fish for a long time toshe was not lost? The shelf life of smoked fish can reach two months. What is needed for this? I tried many methods, and now I decided to share with you the most simple and effective.

Ensuring proper storage of smoked fish is an important task, since the price of seafood is rather large.

To understand how to contain smoked meat, first of all deal with the degree of smoking

On the shelves of shops and supermarkets, there are products of varying degrees of smoking:

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  • Cold (smoked at temperatures up to 4 ° C).
  • Hot (80-170 ° C).
  • Half-hot (50-80 ° C).

    How much is stored smoked fish in the fridge:

    • hot smoking - for three days;
    • half-hearted - the period is increased to six days;
    • cold smoking - Up to ten days.

    The shelf life of fish products depends on the degree of smoking

    Use the first three methods if you have a cold-smoked fish.

    Shelf life of cold smoked fish is the longest due to the content in it of a large amount of moisture and salt.

    Do not know how to store mackerel? The instruction is presented in the table:

    Pre-defrost the refrigerator and wash all the shelves.

    Wrap mackerel in parchment, food film or foil so that it does not absorb other smells.

    Put the wrapped mackerel on a separate shelf in the refrigerator, where it can be stored for 8-10 days.

    Storage of fresh products next to spoiled is strictly prohibited.

    This method is suitable for all types of smoking, but the storage time for them will be different.

    Is it possible to freeze smoked fish? Yes, you can. But at the same time its taste is affected. But vacuum packaging will protect the product from premature spoilage.

    The photo shows how you can store smoked fish in the freezer for a long period

    A solution of salt and water. To keep the products of cold smoking longer, a special salt solution is used:

    Prepare the solution from salt and water in a ratio of ½.

    Saturate the thin tissue in the resulting liquid, wrap it with fish. Top with parchment.

    Place the wrapper on the bottom of the refrigerator.

    Next, I will tell you what is the period of storage of hot smoked and half-hot fish, for the preservation of which, in addition to the refrigerator, lofts and hills are used.

    You can use tissue bags:

    • seafood is placed in them;
    • they hang out in store rooms and attics, where little sunlight penetrates.

    Tissue bag can be made by own hands

    How much is hot smoked fish stored in this way? In such conditions, it can be stored for up to three days, after which it begins to deteriorate and can harm your health.

    Another option - boxes with sawdust. Duration of storage of hot smoked fish in sawdust - no more than two days.

    Attic - a good place for keeping bull-calves at home

    Before using the above methods, you should carefully ventilate the product for damage and keep it clean.

    Although the shelf life of hot smoked fish is notis too large, it has a more intense taste and fewer microbes. Why? Disease-causing organisms die under the influence of high temperatures during smoking.

    I told how to keep the smoked fish for a long time at home. If you know other secrets, share them in the comments. I suggest you watch the video in this article to learn more instructions.

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