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Can I fry the lulia in frozen form

If you look at the composition of these semi-finished products, thenof course it is not ideal, because there are harmful additives E, but I want to say that there are not so many of them. In some food they are more.

So, in the composition of the kebab "Extra" on the homeincludes: beef 2 varieties, chicken meat, drinking water, soy protein, onion, pork bacon, manna cereals, spices, food salt, and of course complex additives Е500ii, Е 621, Е 635. The manufacturer indicates that this product does not contains GMOs. Meat half-finished products are intended for roasting, baking and quenching.

My husband learned to fry the data of a lub-kebab and they haveit turns out very juicy and delicious. Above, the surface of these semi-finished products is sprinkled with finely chopped herbs with spices, which makes them look appetizing and gives the lube-kebab a beautiful appearance and aroma.

To lyulya-kebab did not fall apart in a frying pan,the husband does not unfreeze them, but does not heat the frying pan much, pours up the vegetable oil and places the frozen kebab lyulya in the pan with the upper part, that is, with a hump and frying over low heat. When the upper part of the kebab lily is slightly fried, he carefully turns them on a flat surface and continues to fry over low heat. When the lub-kebab is more or less fried, then it adds a little water and closes the lid, continuing to cook until cooked. Lulia-kebab is obtained as it were not fried, but cooked for a couple, which makes them very juicy, tasty with the smell of spices.

Frozen lyulya-kebab we always have instock in the freezer and serve as an ambulance, if you need to quickly and quickly cook something. Usually I cook mashed potato, buckwheat, pea puree or some pasta, and my husband himself fries kebab lub. It turns out quick and ready dinner or dinner.

Of course, I understand that often these semi-finished products should not be eaten, but my husband eats them with pleasure and I will not try to dissuade him. Let eats on health.

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