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Is it possible to freeze butter without boiling

Save fresh oil for winter can be frozenthem in the freezer. There are several ways, depending on which dishes you will then cook from them, and how much time you plan to spend on it.

In oils, the most unpleasant is the top stickyfoil. It is very long and not pleasant to clean it. Some mushroom pickers dry the oil well before cleaning, then the film is not so sticky and easier to remove. Some generally consider the cleaning of the film superfluous, and clean the mushrooms only from leaflets and debris. Aesthetics do not bother them too much, and a small bitterness gives some piquancy to the taste.

For this type of frost, smallmushrooms, the most beautiful and preferably the same size. Mushrooms, and especially oil, absorb water very strongly, so they can not be soaked for long in the water before freezing. Clean the top film and debris, then rinse well under running cold water and allow to drain. It is advisable to dry them on a towel so that there is as little water as possible. Spread the oil on small bags with a clasp and put in the freezer.

This method is suitable for large mushrooms, broken and not very beautiful visually, but no less delicious oily.

Similarly, the mushrooms should be cleaned and rinsed with water, after which the large mushrooms need to be cut so that all the pieces are about the same size.

Put a pot of water on the fire, a littlesalt, and as the water boils, pour the prepared oil in boiling water. Boil the oil for the subsequent frost for about 5-7 minutes, then throw the mushrooms in a colander and leave for about an hour, until the water cools and dries.

Spread the mushrooms in packages, or boxes, and if they have cooled down enough, you can send them to freeze.

Fried and frozen buttermilk will save you a lot of cooking time, which is sometimes very important.

Peel and boil the mushrooms as described above. Then put the frying pan on the fire, pour into it vegetable oil, and as it is heated, in small portions fry mushrooms, it is possible with onions.

Just do not overdry them much, it's best to cook until half cooked, so they will be better kept in the freezer.

So, the fried mushrooms should cool down, after which they should be spread out on plastic containers, or on packages, and put in the freezer.

Specialists recommend defrosting mushroomsGradually, but in the case of roasted buttermilts do not have to wait. Simply shake the mushrooms out of the package into a frying pan, and pat them properly by adding potatoes or sour cream.

How to freeze the butter, look at the video:

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