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Is it possible to freeze the cakes covered with mirror glaze

#1 Cover with a mirror glaze usually mousseeurotorts. In this case, the cake must necessarily be frozen as a stone. Only in this case you will get a smooth layer of glaze on the cake. Glaze can also be used on biscuit cakes, to create chocolate stains. In this case, you do not need to freeze the cake. The recipe for a mirror glaze is here.

# 2 Bubbles in the glaze also deliver a lot of headachespain. When punching with a blender, do not foam the glaze, you should get a smooth funnel. If finances permit, you can buy a blender with a flat foot design, for example Bamix. If the bubbles are still formed, strain the glaze through a fine sieve.

# 3 If the glaze is very dense even on a workingtemperature, add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar syrup, boiled from water and sugar in a ratio of 1: 1. If the frosting is too liquid, let it cool down a little more.

#4 As is known, the working temperature of a mirror glaze is 32-35 piles. If you use a dark chocolate frosting, you will be more comfortable with a temperature of 35 degrees, and if from a white one it is 32.

#5 Glaze, cooked according to one recipe, you canto connect (for example you have quite a bit of glaze left, it can be combined with a new portion of the glaze cooked according to the same recipe). Glaze can be repainted many times (well, do not overdo of course, remember, lighter colors can be repainted in darker, but not vice versa).

# 6 If the glaze is translucent, add titanium dioxide. It will give a density to the color. Add the dioxide slowly until you are satisfied with the color.

# 7 To make a mirror glaze golden or silvery, add kandurin to it. But it should be a lot. Straight whole packaging.

#8 If condensed water appears on the finished product, gently blot it with a paper towel. The same can be done with a velvet coating. Once again I repeat, CAREFULLY.

#9 When you fill the cake with frosting, bottomthreads are formed, since the glaze is very thick. Do not even try to grab them with your hands and tear them away! Pull off all the glaze. Carefully wrapped thread the thread under the bottom of the cake (it also stands on the stand)

#10 Thaw mousse cakes, covered with velor or mirror glaze, you need only in the refrigerator (5-6 hours). Not at room temperature, and of course not in the microwave.

#eleven Many of you are wondering why the glazecrawls off the cake. And a huge layer. This situation is difficult to correct, but can be prevented. The glaze is sliding down, because the frozen cake can be covered with the thinnest layer of ice, and when the ice melts, what happens? That's right, it turns into water and drains from the cake, along with the icing of course. It does not always happen, it depends on the mousse recipe. But to avoid this, iron the cake with your hands immediately after you got it from the freezer. The warmth of the hands will melt the finest ice. Then proceed to the process of glancing.

#12 To make a beautiful cut of the mousse cake, it needs to be cut when it is still very cold, with a warm dry knife.

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