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Can I freeze the boiled pearl barley

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  • Perlovka is one of the most budgetary andavailable cereals, and also has a number of vitamins and amino acids. But often the harm from its use can significantly exceed the benefit. Regular use of pearl barley can have quite serious negative consequences for human health. For example, it is not recommended to include perilla porridge in the diet for pregnant women and children under 4 years of age. The thing is that it consists of gluten, therefore it is considered quite heavy food. Perlovka is difficult to digest for a long time, and can also provoke constipation in adults and children.

    Pearl barley causesacute allergic reactions. Gluten, from which it consists, promotes rapid weight gain and the appearance of fatty deposits. People with various digestive problems and a tendency to constipation are also not recommended to use pearl barley.

    Perlovka can be dangerous for men's health. Scientists have identified a relationship between the regular use of pearl barley and a decrease in libido in males. Therefore, men who care about their sexual life, should be cautious about the dishes of pearl barley.

    Thus, many people should be carefultreat the pearl barley. Even if you do not want to exclude from the diet dishes from pearl barley, it is worth at least to limit their use to 1 time in 7-10 days.

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