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Can I freeze my tongue with raw pork?

Pork tongue belongs to the category of offal, while its meat is considered to be a delicacy. One language can weigh from 250 to 400 grams.

Pork tongue does not contain coarse fibers, so its meat is very tender, juicy and fragrant.

Pork is well combined with fruits and berries, for example, with prunes and dried apricots. To this meat well suited are sweet and sour apples. Excellent taste gives a combination of pork with mushrooms.

To prepare the broth, the pork is dipped incold water, in this case, valuable nutrients become broth. To cook boiled pork meat should be lowered into boiling water and cook over low heat under the lid. The cooking time depends on the age of the meat, on average, the pork is brewed for 1.5 to 2 hours. To get more juicy meat, salt it best in 10 minutes before the end of cooking.

Pork can not be eaten unroasted,since it can contain live larvae of parasites - pathogens of trichinosis. When heated to 72 ° C, the meat becomes completely safe.

Fresh meat can be stored for 24 hours, notfreezing, in the refrigerator. Pork can also be frozen and stored in the freezer. Defrosting of meat and re-freezing are not recommended, as the taste of meat deteriorates.

Pork is easy to prepare, it can be fried without adding oil, since the pork fat is easily melted.

Of pork cooked ragout, schnitzel, jelly. Pork mince is added to cutlets and meatballs, this stuffing is stuffed with dumplings. Pork is used for cooking shish kebab, as this meat is very quickly prepared.

In dishes, pork can be replaced with veal or poultry.

It is estimated that the number of pigs in the world is 400-500 million, this is approximately one individual for every ten people.

The largest portion of fried pork wascooked in Mexico, the weight of the dish (in the local language of Cochinita pibil) was 3,066 kilograms. To prepare this dish, 2,897.2 kg of pork, 140 kg of onions, 25 kg of salt, and 12 kg of other spices were taken. The tray on which the cooked dish was laid was 42 meters long.

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