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Is it possible to freeze pieces of pumpkin

Different vegetables are stored in different ways. Some can preserve their natural appearance for a long time, and other vegetables should be stored in a frozen state. Many housewives are interested in the question of whether it is possible to freeze a pumpkin and how to do it better.

To store this vegetable, you can use thisthe way of storage is like freezing, but it is not always necessary. In most cases, it is safely stored in a dry room at room temperature. It is best to store the pumpkin on a soft surface, the ideal option is straw. But some varieties of this vegetable can easily store in the kitchen during the entire winter period.

If you are going to store a pumpkin in a naturalform, then for this you need to choose fruits that do not have spoiled or decaying areas. You should also make sure that these vegetables were not previously frozen.

When there is no possibility to store the fetus in itsnaturally, then you have the opportunity to keep it frozen. But in order to freeze all the useful vitamins in it, it needs to be frozen correctly.

To freeze the pumpkin should be selected onlystrong, fresh, unblemished fruits. Before proceeding to the process itself, the fruits should be thoroughly rinsed under running water and wiped dry with a rag. Now peel the pumpkin from the peel, cut it into cubes or pieces of a minimum thickness of 3.5 centimeters. Place the cut pieces of fruit on a dry table and allow them to dry well.

Before you freeze a pumpkin, itsit is recommended to boil on a steam bath or to forget it. To do this, chopped pieces of vegetables should be put in a colander and put it into boiling water, and then - immediately into the ice. Having finished blanching, again spread out and dry the pumpkin.

To freeze this vegetable is bestuse plastic containers or special packages for freezing. It should be placed in cooked containers as tightly as possible, try not to leave between pieces of airspace. Do not put too many vegetables in the container, put just enough to suffice for one use.

Before consumption, the frozen vegetable is notit is recommended to defrost, it must be lowered into a container with milk or boiling water. This will help to completely preserve its useful and taste properties. Frozen pumpkin can be used to make salads, soup-mashed potatoes, porridge.

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