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Is it possible to freeze Sochi

Vanilla, chocolate, creme brulee and creamytoday you hardly surprise someone. Meanwhile, ice cream remains the most relevant summer dessert in Sochi, and therefore an immense field for gastronomic experiments. Beetroot, coniferous, from tkemali and honeysuckle, cooked in a frying pan - SCAPP found in Sochi the most interesting variations on the theme of the coldest delicacy.

Mousse from sheep cheese with ice cream from honeysuckle, meringue from forest berries and lavender water

Honeysuckle is one of the first berries thatripens in late spring-early summer. For Red Fox it is collected in the Altai. High-mountain lavender is brought from Crimea, and the sheep cheese is bought by the restaurant on the Kostroma farm and turns it into the most delicate air mousse. So this dessert is a story not only about the perfect combination of tastes and different textures. It is also about the seasonal regional products that underpin the Red Fox cuisine.

Delicious startup of the guys from Sochi. To prepare ice cream, use an anti-frying pan, the surface of which is cooled to -30 degrees. The composition of ice cream includes exclusively fresh berries, fruits and Kuban yogurt. Hits this summer - ice cream "Fig + rosemary", "Mushmula + Mint" and branded "Raspberry + Blueberry".

After cooking in ice cream, you can addtopings: granola, nuts, chocolate. Besides unusual flavors, the beauty of Popipo handmade ice cream is that the ice cream is cooked on the guests' gas. This process is especially fascinating for children.

The novelty of summer, developed by the boss-barmanrestaurant Sea Zone. Sorbets with a taste of raspberries and passion fruit, cooked on the basis of rum, are variable in their filing. You can take a treat with you, or you can dip it into a wine glass and fill it with sparkling wine. Sorbet begins to melt under the sun, and it turns out a cocktail and dessert in one dish.

Panna cotta from sorrel with ice cream from sour cream and jelly from tonic

Tender panna cotta from a young sorrel in combinationwith ice cream from homemade sour cream, jelly from tonic and cream "Estragon" with air meringues. Served with fresh leaves of sorrel, tarragon and mint. It is this, in the presentation of the Red Fox team, there should be a summer dessert: cold, light, with a pleasant refreshing sourness. And also useful! Sorrel and sour cream are the perfect combination for the vitamin C contained in the panna cotta to be properly digested. And jelly from tonic - that original author's stroke, which distinguishes all dishes of Red Fox.

Actually, we did not expect anything from CORKsbut they were again surprised. To assemble such a variety of the most unexpected tastes - it was necessary to try! Beetroot, cucumber, green tea and tarragon - all ice cream here is made on the basis of fat cream and domestic eggs. To the creamy base are added components that are responsible for the name.

Thus, the taste of beet ice cream "made"beet marmalade with rosemary, cucumber prepared with the addition of goat cheese and cucumber extract, "Green Tea" is the Japanese-beaten Matcha, and "Tarhun" is nothing but puree from fresh tarragon. Serving desserts is also a joy. Well, how happy - just tears into the intragram.

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