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Can freeze the red caviar of the property loses

In Moscow, caviar in general is impossible. Red caviar is too delicate. For long-term storage (at least 2 years), the pasteurized caviar should be frozen at a temperature of -18 ° C or lower. Before release into the implementation, it is smoothly thawed. Compared with the Moscow Far East caviar - very, very delicious, even tastier than in Moscow, we were brought to order under the order.

Real red caviar not salty does not live moredays in a fresh form, because it is treated with the same composition as when the "registration" of the dead in the morgue (the concentration is only slightly different). And read the rest on an ordinary jar of 140 grams, there are painted all the E and other additives.

And what kind of roe has fresh taste? I can not imagine…. When frozen, caviar completely retains all useful properties. By the way, the technology was developed by the Institute of Fish Industry and Oceanography. The new GOST provides for the addition in raw red caviar only table salt (no preservatives) and then freezing.

Among products of animal origin is saltedFish eggs have the lowest storage stability. The lower the salinity of caviar, the more care it requires. 5 to -6 о С. The maximum shelf life of salmon roe is in the range of 8-12 months.

Better stored caviar of chum salmon and pink salmon. Caviar should not be frozen. Breakout caviar from all types of fish is different in stability in storage. When storing caviar, changes of a different nature may occur, which should be taken into account. The shell of salmon roe collapses faster than in sturgeon, which has a triple shell.

During the storage of caviar products,oxidation of fat, decomposition of proteins, and a bitter taste appears. Therefore, pasteurization of breakdown eggs is a desirable phenomenon. Formation of mold is often observed on the surface of barreled caviar and packing tissue. They appear when the air is available and when stored in a humid room. Mold, not penetrated into the cavity, is easily removed. Loss of mass is greater in caviar of lower varieties.

In industrial conditions to extend the termstorage of red caviar is applied modern technology of shock freezing. On each package of frozen caviar, the terms and conditions for storing this product are written, as well as detailed instructions explaining how to properly carry out defrosting.

For example, the most important vitamin E and vitamins of group Bcompletely destroyed. Also, after freezing, some caviar grains burst, because the microscopic crystals of the frozen liquid damage the intercellular membranes and break the delicate thin shell of the eggs from the inside.

Choose the red caviar correctly: good and quality!

Now there is always an opportunity to buya small amount of red caviar of good quality and eat it for a few days, getting the most benefit and pleasure. 4-12-2006 13:13 Eugene, freeze caviar very often. In Vladivostok when I bought caviar - my aunts especially stressed that it was never ice cream and therefore very tasty. Canned pasteurized caviar, with the addition of preservatives (and antibiotics, which are not written about).

Oh, my mother is trying to persuade me before the NG incomedy again to fly - to bring caviar ... 4-12-2006 14:51 Yes, no reason ... Caviar, especially salted, poorly stored in a regular refrigerator. Especially when she poaching and salted in fik knows what conditions. Lap, I soon fly to Vladik, I buy there caviar to NG. But I know for sure that she is all frozen.

Well, not caviar for three months is just like thatrefrigerator, even salty ... But compared with the freshest September Sakhalin, everything else is a compromise Mozh at local and there are some secrets to save the stewed eggs for months ...

A magical uncle who is called and he brings caviar. 6-12-2006 01:43 ЖеняИкру not only it is possible to freeze, but also it is necessary. The more it is in heat, the more it is salted.

In Vladik, too, there are different caviar.If you are lucky and take it straight from the board of Yuzhnosakhalinsk - a very pleasant caviar. Weighing eggs can be bought in advance and simply frozen. Now you can put it in the refrigerator. It must be put in a clean cloth bag and hung to circulate air around. The salad wrapped in foil will be long fresh and crispy.

Red caviar: benefits and harm to the health of the human body.

Since red caviar is a product of native Russian,and the traditions of its consumption have long-standing roots, and the experience of storing the delicacy has accumulated considerable. A great source of easily digestible protein, essential amino acids and vitamins - red caviar combines the properties of a dietary product and a delicacy simultaneously.

Caviar is red in a glass jar, tin or on weight: which is better?

Caviar having high gastronomicdignity, must be moist and transparent, each egg is integrity, and damaged caviar shells are practically not observed. If the package has lost its integrity or the caviar has been stored for some time at a temperature above the optimal temperature, its shelf life is rapidly declining.

Optimum temperature and shelf life of delicatessen

The main reference point for the suitability of pasteurized caviar -the production date indicated on the packaging and the shelf life. You can take caviar only with a clean spoon in order to avoid getting microbes and developing a pathological process in it. Often, before caviar lovers, the question arises - how to store red caviar for a fairly long time? The best way to do this is to store it in the freezer of an ordinary refrigerator.

Red caviar, subjected to freezing,remains fresh and at the same time clean from any preservatives. In Moscow there is a normal caviar, a little salted, but edible and even tasty. Personally, I do not like caviar, and I can not have it, so basically I try to live with my relatives.

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