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Can a frozen chicken be thawed with boiling water

Chicken is a wonderful product, delicious,dietary and uncomplicated in cooking. Dishes from chicken meat, and especially chicken broth are shown at the most different diseases. Fried or baked in the oven, the chicken is loved by almost everyone.

In Russian stores, as a rule, you can buy chicken, chilled or frozen, or some of its parts: the legs, thighs, breasts or wings.

How long does the chicken defrost and when do you need to get it out of the "freezer" to make it to dinner or dinner? The best way is to defrost the chicken in the refrigerator.

The process is not fast: in order to unfreeze a chicken with a weight of about two kilograms, it will take from 10 hours to a day. But the finished bird will turn out juicy and tasty.

How quickly to defrost the chicken, if you wait a day, there is not any possibility? You can thaw the chicken at room temperature.

Just do not have to get it out in the morning and leave it warm all day, it might just go bad.

How to properly defrost a chicken without spending a lot of time? The main thing is to avoid too much temperature changes.

Do not pour the chicken with boiling water, do not put it in a hot oven. Meat after such procedures becomes dry and hard.

How do I unfreeze a chicken in cold water? This method is quite acceptable, most importantly - the water must be cold, not warm and certainly not hot.

Place the chicken in a plastic bag and tighten it tightly, then dip it into a container of cold water.

The time required for complete defrosting of the chicken is calculated on the basis that one kilogram of weight will take about one hour.

Under the flow of running water, the process will go somewhat faster, only the carcass should be periodically turned over.

How do I unfreeze a chicken in a microwave oven? Put the carcass on the earthenware plate without patterns, or, better, in special microwave utensils.

Wrap it with food film, then the spray of juice will not stain the walls of the microwave. Set the mode to "defrost" and wait two minutes.

Take it out, wait about ten minutes and put the chicken in the oven for another two minutes.

Completely unfrozen chicken soft, and her limbs freely rotate in the joints.

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