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Can I freeze the bracken fern for the winter

How to prepare a fern for the winter, ifcollected or bought it very much? To do this is not difficult, the main thing is to strictly observe the proportions and follow all the recommendations, because in the end it will turn out to be a very useful product that stimulates metabolic processes, struggles with stresses and enriches the human body with such a trace element as iodine.

How to prepare the fern properly?

The product is salted for the winter, for this useenamelled tanks or barrels. If you decide to use fresh shoots, remember that they can be stored no more than 2-3 days in a cool place, then they become unsuitable for food. So, on the bottom of the chosen container to pour salt, put a fern, then again salt (some landladies recommend using a coarse grinding). The top also fall asleep, but the layer should be thicker. Use oppression (by weight it should be the same as the main ingredient). Exactly after 14 days, the formed liquid (juice from the shoots) must be drained and re-all the salt. Only this time, the upper layers of the shoots should be on the bottom. In addition, you need to make the brine in the following proportion: part of the salt in five parts of water. In this brine, the product can be stored for several years.

In order not to fool yourself with brines, you canThe shoots should be put in a bag and sprinkled with salt. This can be a convenient food container, from which it will then be easy to get the required amount of product.

Broken shoots are washed and boiled for minutesseven-ten in salt water, no longer costs, otherwise they will "disintegrate". Next, the product is spread in a colander, from it flows the liquid. Lay out on paper in a ventilated room with a low temperature. Drying implies regular overturning of shoots for uniform evaporation of moisture (enough several times a day). On average, the duration of the process is 4 days, then the dried product is transferred to rag bags. To use shoots for culinary delicacies, they are poured with water for a day, and then put in dishes.

In order not to wonder howPrepare a fern for the winter, the product can be cooked immediately after collection and do not store for a long time. To start, shoots are washed and boiled, allow to drain the liquid. Only after such a procedure, the fern is ready to be fried, stewed or baked, in order to supplement your favorite dish with your unusual taste. If you decide to buy a salty product, it should be soaked for several days and change the water, before use, the ingredient is thoroughly washed under the tap.

Now, if there is an opportunity to purchase orself-gather shoots, you know how to prepare a fern for the winter. It is great for a salad for cereals or potatoes, and also supplements meat dishes. By the way, Koreans very often prepare from this product a dish called "he".

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