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Can the trout be salted freeze

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In central Russia, red fish issale usually in a salted form, as well as frozen or, so-called, chilled, i.e. is sold in unfrozen form on ice crumb in large supermarkets. The difference in price between raw fish and salted is simply huge, and the salting process, meanwhile, is very simple and inexpensive. So why not do it yourself.

- one whole fish;

- large salt at the rate of 2-3 tablespoons per 1 kg of fish;

- sugar in the same amount as salt;

- spices to taste.

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Separate the fish on the fillet, remove the backbone and costal bones, leave the skin. From one fish you will get two fillets.

- periodically check to see if there is a sticky white coating on the surface of the fish: this is the first sign that the fish starts to deteriorate;

- limit the access of air and light as much as possible: from the contact with oxygen, the tissues pale, and the fat oxidizes, an unpleasant aftertaste appears;

- pour slices of fish with vegetable refined oil so that they completely cover. This is the way to minimize exposure to air;

- part of the fish that needs to be stored on morefor a long time, cut, as much as possible, dry and wrap each piece in parchment, then in a clean cloth, put everything in a plastic bag and send it to the freezer. In this form, the trout will last up to two months.

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