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Is it possible to freeze toasted cutlets

To frozen semi-finished products all have long been accustomed toit is convenient, especially for working housewives, who do not have time to prepare food every day. Therefore, the question of how to freeze cutlets to quickly prepare them for dinner for the whole family is relevant. In addition, the purchase of store semi-finished products is always a lottery. We can not know what exactly the manufacturer put in minced meat, but homemade cutlets are a 100% quality guarantee. If you make and freeze cutlets yourself, you can not only be confident in the naturalness of the product, but also save time on daily cooking.

To keep the meatballs from sticking together in the freezercontainer, there should be set a constant temperature not higher than -15 ° C, and there should be no temperature differences. It is better to freeze cutlets portion by layer, separating each layer with a packet for convenience.

Form out the stuffing and lay them out on thea cutting board, tightened with food film - so it will be more convenient then to remove the finished semi-finished product. At a temperature of -15 ° C or lower, freeze the cutlets for 3-4 hours, after which they must be removed and packaged on special plastic containers.

Many housewives froze ready-made cutlets to save time. For this, you can bring them to full readiness or half-ready.

To freeze fried chops, it is necessary to bringthem to the desired degree of readiness and put on a paper towel so that the excess fat is absorbed. Cover the chopping board with food film and lay the patties on it. At a temperature of -15 ° C and below the cutlets should be frozen for 3-4 hours, then folded into a special container for storage.

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