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You can freeze marinated mushrooms

There is a whole bank of w / w canned mushrooms. I plan to open, but where to put the rest?) Can I freeze them so or pre-boil them?

You can freeze canned mushrooms. You need to drain all excess liquid and transfer the mushrooms into a food bag or container. In the freezer mushrooms can be stored about half a year or a year and do not lose their qualities.

Then these mushrooms can be defrosted and fried or boiled soup or sent to pizza. It's not about the pears, I did not freeze them, I'm talking about mushrooms and oyster mushrooms.

From the iron can, the mushrooms need to be shifted toglass, with a screw cap, and pour them with the same marinade from the opened can. You can even make a fresh pickle. Keep in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. If you freeze mushrooms, it is better - pre-fried in vegetable oil. Cook, then to freeze, already marinated mushrooms do not make sense. It is possible that the tinned mushrooms will not lose their taste qualities, simply transferred to a plastic container and then placed in the freezer.

There are not so many mushrooms in the bank. You can just use them faster. Fortunately, there are plenty of recipes for canned mushrooms.

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