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Can I freeze salmon for sushi

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I was talking about a moat trout.

and your husband probably works on a freshwater vodka farm.

The only thing I know about sea trout,sold in stores, then a more reddish shade of its meat is achieved by feeding it with natural dyes, since all trout for sale are bred in fish farms. And so meat is like salmon!

The color of the fish depends on its kind, and not on what,where she gets divorced. The color of the meat from trout caught and grown in fish farm is the same. Only the color of the skin can be more dim. My husband works in a trout farm, and does not paint it! We ate a newly caught fish of perfectly normal color. But in my opinion for sushi it is not very suitable, because it is sweet!

At stream and lake trout meat is usually white, and the rainbow red.

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