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What can I cook from frozen berries in a multivariate?

To date, many families are accustomed to drinks, as well as juices from supermarket shelves, but not all products of this group are quality and useful.

Only what is cooked at home reallytasty and does not contain harmful additives and preservatives. An excellent alternative to convenience drinks can be compote, you can cook it from fresh or frozen berries.

Such a drink contains many useful substances, vitamins and minerals, it can be prepared at any time of the year, it will be appropriate both on a weekday and at a celebration.

Thanks to modern household appliances, the process of its preparation will be much simpler, try how simple it is to cook compote in a multivarquet.

From a mixture of frozen berries will be able to cook a rich in flavor compote, all that is prepared in the summer will be the way in winter. Do not forget about other additives.

Briar in a multivark with a mix of frozen berries in a few minutes will turn into a delicious vitamin home-made drink.

It should be noted that the dog rose containsthe most valuable vitamin C, which stimulates the work of the immune system, promotes the resumption of the normal functioning of the nervous system, relieves depression and stress.

To add bright tints to the compote of cherries in the multivark, add a mixture of frozen berries, consisting of red and black currants, strawberries and strawberries.

Balancing the sweetness of the drink will help lemon juice or citric acid, while the compote in the multivarker will not be cloying, but will lighten a light, rich taste.

Before you take a brew of compote from berries, you should familiarize yourself with some cooking secrets that will help make a home-made drink even tastier and smoother.

It is not necessary to use sugar as a sweetener, fructose can become an excellent substitute for it.

The compote from cherry in the multivark will become even more fragrant, if you add a little lemon or orange peel during cooking.

Spices can also be used during cooking compote. The taste of berries perfectly emphasizes vanilla, exquisite oriental spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and cloves).

Slices of fresh apples can also be added to berries during cooking compote, this fruit will bring a certain flavor, emphasize its taste.

Want to make an unusual, exquisite berry drink for adults, add at the end of cooking quite a bit of alcohol. For this purpose, a liqueur, cognac or berry tincture is suitable.

Often, the preparation of the drink will take 1-1.5 hours, the exact duration of cooking depends on the power of the multivark itself.

Now is the time to start preparing frozen berries and directly cooking compote.

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