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What can I cook from frozen pieces of pumpkin

What to cook from a frozen pumpkin?

Frozen pumpkin in its properties practicallydoes not differ from fresh. It can be used very well in baking. But that's only if you need to use a worn grated pumpkin in baking, and it's frozen in pieces, then you can not grind a thawed pumpkin on a grater. Therefore, when I freeze the pumpkin, I use pieces and grated.

In addition to baking in a muffin frozen pumpkin is verygood to use in soups. Absolutely in all the soups, I add a couple of pieces of pumpkin. Pumpkin gives a pleasant yellow color, light aroma and texture. The same can be done with sauces. In addition to pleasant taste, the pumpkin carries a bunch of vitamins. Therefore, I freeze a pumpkin in large quantities and during the winter time I eat everything.

Another option for dog owners. I cook my dog ​​for myself. Dry food is used only for the development of teams. So, everywhere I add a pumpkin. Our dog loves her, and the pumpkin brings its vitamins.

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