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Frozen honey agarics that can be cooked from them

What can be prepared from frozen fats?

My family loves mushrooms, so I cook them quite often.

From frozen, you can cook a lot of things.

The very first - you can cook a delicious and light soup, very fragrant.

Further - you can knock potatoes with mushrooms and meat, it will be satisfying and tasty.

To make something like a julien, fried marmalade in a frying pan, then add the onion and tushim it all in sour cream, it turns out a gorgeous side dish, and you can even eat as an independent dish.

You can bake a cake with mushrooms, add onions to the onions, onion, and spices - it is very satisfying, it is not a shame to treat such guests to the pie.

Well, the simplest option - just fry with potatoes, is also very tasty, and if you add more sauerkraut, so in general you will not pull your ears.

Dried mushrooms are boiled, cut into slices and friedin butter with onion until readiness. They take the sour cream and boil for 5-10 minutes. It can be sprinkled with herbs, used as an independent dish or included in a complex garnish with meat dishes.

I collect the mushrooms myself and if there are a lot of them, thenI boil in salted water, then I put it on a sieve, so that the glass is superfluous. When cool, then cut into pieces and lay out on bags or disposable small containers and put in the freezer. Of ice cream, you can cook a large number of delicious dishes. Fry the mushrooms in vegetable oil, then add the onions and potatoes, cut into cubes, bring it under the lid until it is ready. From the boil it is possible to cook soup, add to pizza, prepare a filling for pies and pies, mixing fried mushrooms with mashed potatoes. It turns out a delicious chicken fillet, which is extinguished in a mushroom sauce with the addition of cream or sour cream.

From frozen frit you can cook a variety of dishes, just include imagination, take mushrooms and cook about the following:

  • fried mushrooms with onions and sour cream under a cheese crust is something like julienne;
  • fried mushrooms with potatoes and zucchini;
  • casserole from eggs and parmesan eggs;
  • a salad of their fried mushrooms, chicken breast, fresh cucumbers plus an omelette, all flavored with mayonnaise;
  • mushroom hodgepodge;
  • cutlets from sweeteners (you need to add flour, onion, mashed potatoes, eggs and greens);
  • excellent tasty pies made of puff pastry with mushroom filling;
  • open pie from a yeast dough, using a stuffing of mushrooms boiled, fried with onions.

Frozen mushrooms are suitable for many dishes. They can be boiled and made from them a delicious salad. Or put out mushrooms with potatoes in pots, it turns out very tasty. You can also extinguish honey mushroom with onion and sour cream, garnish with a garnish, or eat without garnish.

Frozen honey agarics can be bought in modernshops all year round. They do not need to be thawed before cooking. The most delicious they are fried in a frying pan in vegetable oil with onions and potatoes, stewed with white cabbage, onions and carrots or with sauerkraut. Appetizing vegetable stew is produced in vegetable oil from aubergines, sweet Bulgarian peppers, carrots and onions, mixed with fried mushrooms. The proportions of vegetables for stew are taken arbitrarily. Very delicious is the filling for pies from mashed potatoes with the addition of fried in oil crushed flesh with onions. Fried fried with onions and carrots mushrooms can be scrolled through a meat grinder on a pate with a liver.

Frozen honey fungus can be purchased at any supermarket. This is an excellent product in order to diversify the daily menu. For example, cook mushrooms baked with potatoes in the oven. To do this, slice the potatoes with mugs, put them on a greased baking sheet, top the mushrooms (I do not boil them, but cook them so), on top the onion bulb. Sprinkle a little and in the oven for 40 minutes. 5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, add a little sour cream.

With boiled frozen mushrooms, and mushrooms inincluding, you can cook what your heart desires. Bake in the oven with meat, cook cabbage soup, fry with potatoes, add to pizza or omelet. Variants of the sea, there would be mushrooms.

Frozen honey can be usedyear-round, which is very convenient, the packaging can be different, for different dishes: from exquisite about the simplest and fastest, which in any family and at any time and in any age range will go on "hurray." This soup, garnish, stuffing for pies, pancakes, salads.

Many people like Opyata.

You can fry potatoes with firearms or pizzaBaking, you can put it in pies. You can buy special large seashells and embody them with rowing. You can boil the rowing, fry them with onions and carrots (I cut the onions with semicircles, and cut the carrots into a semicircle) add the sour cream, egg yolk, water and a little flour, salt, bring to a boil, lower the heat and put out a minute, an excellent gravy. There are ready-made spices very delicious, I buy muggies.

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