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Is it possible to freeze a salty fern?

Is it possible to freeze a fresh fern for the winter?

Of course you can freeze, now many people use this method, but the point is that the fern must be boiled.

Fern pick, cut into 3 parts, do not wash it, throw it in boiling water and cook for about five minutes, the stems should be soft, but do not fall apart.

Then pour the boiled fern into a colander, let all the water drain and unfold by batches portionwise, i.e. as much as you need in the winter for one cooking.

Remove the fern in the freezer.

If you collected a lot of fern, then each portion should be boiled in fresh water, you can slightly pour water.

In Primorye Territory in the Far East in the springcollect young tender shoots of the fern - eagle with the purpose of harvesting it for the winter by the method of salting. Salted fern is very tasty, suitable for salads and cooking roasted on vegetable oil eagle with meat (or without) and onions. It is not necessary to clutter the freezer with a fresh fern, although it is quite suitable for freezing, like any other grass. The freezer is useful for many other products! Just a salty fern - a ready-made delicious and refined snack, something that tastes like a dish with mushrooms, if you cut it into pieces, mix it with the semicircles of onions and sprinkle with vegetable oil. In this salad you can add chopped boiled eggs.

By the way, the inhabitants of Primorye often harvestsfern with the purpose of putting it in the zagotkontory, and they transfer raw materials to canneries, where the fern is salted and sent for export to Japan, where the eagle is very respected for the ability to remove radioactive and toxic substances from the body.

Although the advice to pickle the fern is good, if there is a lot of it, and in the case of a bundle of grass, it is, of course, easier to freeze to the appropriate occasion, then to cook something out of it.

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