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How best to freeze champignons raw or boiled

How to freeze mushrooms, raw or boiled?

I usually freeze only chanterelles and ceps. Before freezing, I clean them, gently rinsed under a stream of lukewarm water, dried, cut into small pieces. After that I put in 300-400 gr in strong packages, just for one portion. I put it in the freezer for the winter. Then I take out as necessary and do not unfreeze the treasure in a frying pan or add it to the soup.

Before freezing, never I do not boilBecause if they are boiled, then the whole mushroom spirit.

I heard that some mistresses beforefreezing the mushrooms first they are boiled, and someone and re-fry. I do not boil, I just soak the mushrooms in salted water, clean them, cut them into small pieces, small ones throw them into the bag. But after reading the answers above, I realized that it was better to boil all the same, and they would take less places in the freezer.

Judging by what is sold in stores, mushroomscan be frozen in reserve in boiled and raw. But I prefer that the mushrooms be cleaned, boiled, packaged in small portions and frozen. So much more convenient: in the winter I took out and immediately you can cook.

Raw frozen mushrooms are still necessaryboil before cooking. Immediately in the soup or in a frying pan you will not quit. This is fraught with poisoning. And in the damp will be more water, you more fuss and no special mushroom spirit. The mushroom spirit is preserved in dried mushrooms.

It is better to always be reinsured once again. That's why we are always exceptionally, we process the mushrooms first, we remove the twigs from the fungus, leaves and various rubbish, and then boil the mushrooms. Only frozen mushrooms we freeze for the winter. In winter it is especially pleasant to cook something from mushrooms. By the way, in boiled mushrooms, many vitamins and beneficial properties are preserved, even after freezing. Since our mushrooms were processed and boiled, our frozen mushrooms can be cooked immediately, something the soul desires.

Although some people and raw mushrooms freeze, but I believe that this is already a kind of risk.

We usually freeze mushrooms only boiled.

Collected mushrooms must be cleaned, washed, cut,but not finely, then put the mushrooms in a saucepan, pour water, put on fire and bring the contents of the pan to a boil, add salt and cook for 10 minutes, then discard through a colander, so that the glass is all water and put into packages.

Packages with mushrooms put in a freezer.

It is not necessary to boil the mushrooms before freezing, otherwise they will lose all their flavor in broth during cooking and if frying or boiling soup from them in the winter, it will be tasteless.

Freezing is better raw mushrooms, young ones on soups, and what's bigger is those on the frying pan.

Boiled frozen mushrooms will also go to many dishes, for example pies, pizza or salads, although boiled mushrooms take up less space in the freezer than raw ones.

It depends on the fungi that you will befreeze. I, for example, wash and boil, such mushrooms as canes, Polish, russula, oily. Fasuyu already cooled mushrooms in a bag, not in large portions and in the freezer. And such a delicious and wonderful mushroom as white, I wash, if large, cut into slices, if not large, then I put it all in a bag and a freezer. Such a noble mushroom, as white, does not need to boil, since you boil all the cook, this good mushroom, but soup or potatoes stew even with such frozen mushrooms, very tasty and fragrant.

You can boil, or maybe not. I tend to answer better than boiled, because it's better to boil them at once, and after defrosting, you do not have to waste time, you get a finished product, you can immediately cook them, especially if you are limited in time or guests come and you need to cover the table.

Mushrooms can be frozen and cooked and raw(fresh). But the boiled mushrooms are more convenient to freeze. The fact is that boiled mushrooms occupy much less space in the freezer and are an excellent semi-finished product. Such mushrooms can be fried or twisted immediately after defrosting for patties, vareniki or something else.

Probably right and then, and more. But it is probably more convenient to freeze all the cooked, cut pieces so that they can cook immediately without defrosting, and the places prepared in this way will take less places in the refrigerator. But it is possible and raw, I tried and that, and another option, the difference in the taste of mushrooms was not felt, but in that, and in another case all the same mushrooms have to be processed.

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