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Cold boiled pork is a famous meat dish, without whichthere is not a single festive table. It can often be found on tables in Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan families. Something similar is found in Australian and Quebec cuisine.

Cold boiled pork is a large piece of meat thatit is baked in the oven. For the preparation of boiled pork, the ham is mainly used, but it is possible to meet recipes using beef, turkey and lamb.

Who and when the first cooked boiled pork is unknown. But its history is quite rich and goes back to ancient Russia.

Cold boiled pork is considered a product with a high content of calories. To eat it to people who are on a diet is not recommended, except in a small amount.

In boiled pork are contained fats, carbohydrates, ash substances, vitamin PP, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and iodine.

The useful properties of the boiled pork are dependent on the meat that was used to make it. For example, pork ham has the same properties as pork itself.

After a hard day's work, a couple of slices of boiled pork will allow you to relieve fatigue and get a new burst of energy and vigor, as well as normalize the hormonal background.

Cold boiled pork, due to the content of magnesium and zinc, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and male reproductive systems.

Lysine, which is contained in pork meat, and hence in boiled pork, is necessary for the child to normal skeleton formation.

If boiled beef is prepared from beef, then its properties are the same as for beef meat. But it is worth noting that beef boiled pork is rarely found because of the high cost of meat itself.

Cold boiled pork can harm the body due tosignificant content of cholesterol in it. As you know, cholesterol is one of the causes of atherosclerosis, which leads to heart attacks and strokes.

Limit the consumption of boiled pork is worth to people with heart and blood vessel problems.

To preserve health, boiled pork should be eaten in small quantities, which will not harm your health, but will allow you to enjoy tasty and juicy meat.

Correctly selected boiled pork can please its taste and smell, and in other cases, spoil the whole meal. Therefore, it is very important to be able to choose the right meat product.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosingboiled pork - packing. Meat product can be sealed in a vacuum package or in a food film. The product is stored in vacuum packaging longer than in the film. In this case, its shelf life is about three weeks, whereas in polyethylene film it is only five days.

In addition, on a polyethylene film mainlythere is no information about the composition, the manufacturer, the date of manufacture and the expiration date. It is advisable not to buy such products. Basically, boiled pork in packets can be found on the shelves of a supermarket, which carried out its packaging.

It is best to buy boiled pork in a vacuum package, because packaging of the product comes from the manufacturer. The package shows all the information about the product.

The second point that needs attentionthe buyer - the color of meat. Cold boiled pork may be light pink or light gray. If the color is different from the one mentioned, for example, the meat has a greenish tinge, then most likely the shelf life of the product has passed or the temperature regime of its storage has been violated.

If the boiled pork has a yellowish color,this indicates the use of very old meat in the preparation process. By the way, the layer of fat should not be more than three centimeters.

The third point, which is important when choosing a boiled pork - form. On it, you can also determine the freshness of the product, which should be oval or round.

The fourth point is composition.Quality boiled pork should consist of meat, salt, garlic and spices. If the composition contains carrageenan and xanthan copper, then the product can not be bought, because it is not juicy and not tasty.

Pork is always used for making delicious and juicy boiled pork. Anyone who does not like fatty meals, chooses a ham, and all the other necks.

Meat for cooking boiled pork must befresh, have a pink or light red color, a sweetish smell and an elastic texture. If at least one of the characteristics does not match, then the meat is not fresh, it lays on the counter for a long time or the storage conditions have been violated.

Check whether the meat was selected correctlyafter purchase with boiling water. The meat is poured over with boiling water. If after two minutes the water becomes cloudy and rags swim in it, the meat is not of high quality. Good meat will keep the water clean and transparent.

Before marinating, the meat is washed under a flowingwater, dried with a towel and cut off excess fat and film. Crop must be carefully, so as not to spoil the shape of meat and boiled pork turned beautiful.

Prepared meat begins to pickle,using various ingredients, for example, salt, black pepper, lemon, basil, thyme, soy sauce, etc. Marinated boiled beef 10-12 hours. Only in this case the meat will turn out juicy and tasty.

After the time has elapsed, the excess marinade is removed from the meat so that it is not burned in the cooking process.

Before baking, the meat is fried from all sideson a dry frying pan, for 20 seconds on each side. At this stage, the meat forms a crispy crust. It is desirable to warm the frying pan well before frying the meat.

Bake roasted baked in the oven better, but many began to use modern kitchen appliances, such as aerogrill or multivark. In this case, the meat will be more boiled.

If you use a sleeve for baking in the oven,then it must be pierced in several places so that it does not burst during cooking. If foil is used, it is folded into several layers and wrapped tightly with meat.

Packed meat is laid out on a baking tray, on awhich pours a little water. This will allow evenly baking meat. The temperature in the oven should be exactly 180 ° C. Baking time depends on the weight of the meat. For baking half a kilogram meat enough 30-40 minutes. When the meat is ready it is extracted and allowed to cool. After cooling, the boiled pork is pulled from a sleeve or foil and cut into small pieces.

How and how much to store a boiled pork?

Delicious and juicy boiled pork will never be longstored in the refrigerator. She immediately eats after cooling, and some try it hot. If necessary, the boiled pork can be frozen in the freezer, but it must be thawed neatly, so that it does not fall apart. In this case, you can store it for about a month. A vacuum bag can be used to store the boiled pork.

It is unlikely that a delicious cooked boiled pork will be stored. Basically, it is eaten in two days.

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