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Can I freeze coriander for the winter forum

I heard that in a simple way it turns into a mess.

Most likely she turned into porridge from the fact thatit was thawed, in the dish it is better to add frozen greens without defrosting. Even more important is washing the greens, draining it properly, the remaining water on the leaves also does not favorably affect the greenery and spoils the view. We froze coriander in two ways, but to be honest, we did not eat it very much in the winter, fresh coriander is still better.

The easiest way: fresh, green twigs, rinse in water, shake off the water properly from the leaves and dry it in the air (usually on a table lay out in one layer for a couple of hours), or you can just get wet with paper towels, put our twigs in a bag not too tightly, tie and in the freezer.

The next way I liked the most is to wash the same, dry the coriander and put it in a plastic container with a lid, it does not crumple well there.

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