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Is it possible to freeze fresh figs?

Figs refers to fruits, in which the shelf life is not very large fresh, even if you use a refrigerator.

Therefore, the figs can be prepared for future use only in dried form or processed into jam, jam, liqueur, etc.

As one of the ways of preparing the figs, it's just its freezing.

To do this, you just need to wash and dry the fruit andplace in a tightly closing plastic container. It is quite convenient and packing the figs in plastic bags, for this, the figs should be laid first in one layer.

Pack tightly tied or sealed, and it is better to pack in a couple of packages.

Generally prefer to freeze dark varieties of figs, but I think the light will not get any worse.

Fig is a delicate and fastidious fruit, and thereforefruits are perishable. Of course, it's best to eat figs in their natural form, but the storage period after harvesting is limited. It can be stored for no more than two days, and after this period it begins to lose its qualities. Therefore, the fruits are mostly dried and dried, and then sent to consumers.

Figs retain their useful properties infrozen form, although its taste is somewhat worse. Before freezing, whole intact fruits are taken, washed and dried. And then they are placed in plastic containers or in packages of several pieces. Tightly close the container and sent to the freezer. In winter, from frozen figs, you can make jam, jam or a fig drink.

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