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Can I cook sausages in a peel

It is difficult to find a simpler and more versatile meatsemifinished products than sausages. They are easy to prepare, they are ideal as a lunchtime snack, and for a meal on a festive table in the presence of an unusual sauce and a complex garnish. However, many do not know how to cook sausages, so that they do not lose their appetizing appearance, dense structure. Since meat products are semi-finished, the time for their preparation must be precisely defined, otherwise you can not enjoy a tasty, fragrant dish.

Many people prefer not to cook, they eat raw,because they taste like ordinary boiled sausage. However, it's dangerous to do this, because when cooking from a semi-finished product, pathogenic bacteria are removed that multiply in food products under improper storage conditions. How many minutes does it take to cook sausages? To cook sausages, enough 2-10 minutes (it all depends on the size, quantity). And to start cooking of any kind, including sausages, it should be in boiling water: the countdown starts after the boiling of the liquid.

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