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Is it possible to eat frozen shrimps with expired shelf life

After what time do they lose their taste?

Usually, the shelf life of shrimp or crab sticks in the freezer is 18 months.

In practice, I think nothing will happen to them,if stored at -18 several years. If stored at -24, it can be up to 10 years. A case was described, as in Siberia they found a frozen mammoth, which lay for a thousand years. He was eaten and nothing :).

My sister works in the store as a senior sellerand she says that if shrimps are not bought for 2 months, then they reduce the price by 10%, because the taste is already deteriorating. If for 3-4 months of storage, the shrimps were not dismantled, then the price is reduced by another half.

Of course, it is better to cook the shrimps fresh and do not push them into the freezer. But if it is necessary, do not store more than two months, they lose their taste, the smell becomes sharp and unpleasant.

And if you bought a frozen product, thenpreferably the second time do not freeze, and cook a delicious and crumble. I advise you to cook spaghetti with shrimps and tomatoes. Although cold, even hot, you can eat.

Shrimp need dry frost !!

Remember: Delicious prawns are not stored for long!

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