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Can I cook a frozen chicken without defrosting in a multivark

Chicken is a dietary product thatmore than 90 percent consists of vitamins and amino acids, useful for the human body. Proteins and vitamin B, contained in chicken meat stimulate the work of the heart, strengthen the nervous system, normalize the metabolism of man.

In order to preserve all the useful substances in frozen chicken meat, it is necessary to defrost the chicken properly.

By the technology of cooking and storage, defrosting of chicken should be a natural and long-lasting process, thanks to which all useful substances and trace elements are stored in meat.

With this method, the chicken must be thawed with water. This reduces the defrosting process to 1-3 hours.

Instruction for defrosting:

  1. Remove chicken from the freezer and place in a sealed plastic bag;
  2. Place the chicken in a bag in a large saucepan;
  3. Put a pan of chicken under a jet of cold or slightly warm water and leave for a while;
  4. After the chicken starts to thaw, it is necessary to untie the bag and let out of it melt water;
  5. Remove the chicken from the bag and leave for a short period at room temperature for complete thawing.

It should be noted that due to the thawing of the chicken in the bag, the taste of the chicken will remain unchanged, but the usefulness of the meat will be significantly reduced.

Thanks to modern technology (microwave,steamer) quickly defrost the chicken was easy. This method is the least useful for the taste and useful substances of ready-made meat, but it helps to defrost the chicken in a matter of minutes.

Instructions for defrosting chicken in a microwave oven:

  1. Carcase the chicken or parts thereof from the freezer and get rid of the packaging;
  2. Put the meat on a plate;
  3. Set on the regulator of the microwave oven the defrosting (thawing) mode and place the chicken there for 2-3 minutes;
  4. Turn the chicken over and put for another 2-3 minutes to defrost in the microwave;
  5. See the degree of defrosting of the whole carcass and increase the defrosting time by 1-4 minutes (depending on the microwave power).
Instruction for defrosting a chicken in a multivark:
  1. Take the chicken out of the freezer, get rid of the bag;
  2. Put the meat in the steamer and let it steam for several minutes;
  3. Turn over or raise the carcass on the shelf above and leave for a few more minutes.

This method is similar to the process of correct defrosting of chicken, but saves time from 24 hours to 8-12.

Instruction for defrosting:

  1. In the evening, take the frozen chicken out of the refrigerator and place it in a large bowl;
  2. Extract the chicken from the bag;
  3. Leave the container with chicken at room temperature for the night (8-12 hours), not tightly covering it with a tissue or paper napkin;
  4. In the morning, merge the soup and thawed water and start cooking chicken.

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