/ / Is it possible to frost crucian carp

Is it possible to frost crucian carp

But maybe it's better to pick it up, and then to butter and not the buters?

Stuffing? Hmm .. I cook them most often: bake whole in the oven, spices, salt / pepper, lemon on top and fresh dill / parsley 'inward'

If not laziness - do horse

My, too, last week with fishing brought 5 kg (pike)

With fish overdose for the next month

Sometimes in the country creek (Desenka), goes there

But I do not advise you to tell your husband about Sorokashi .. Do you want it? Instead of going with you to the weekend for a movie / theater / restaurant and so on, the husband will spend the weekend on some swamp / river with friends (drunkards)

Will appear in two days. Dirty, with a fume, with a bunch of fish (which, pancake, you need to clean and store somewhere)

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