/ / Is it possible to freeze potatoes for the winter?

Can I freeze potatoes for the winter?

Suddenly we will not eat it all, maybe it's worth trying? Now I think, how to freeze: cleaning or straight with skin?

Mother of small potatoes made starch -potatoes were washed, kneaded in a meat grinder and washed for a long time - filled with water and defended, scraps floated upward, and starch settled down ... And so on until all the cakes were "left" ... a dense layer of starch was left ... it was dried at room temperature and then they cooked jelly, creams, they added to the dough ... It was not worse than the store one ... well, maybe the color is slightly darker - how to wash ...

Again, the store met the semi-finished product - "french fries" - it's frozen ... maybe, on a pack of such potatoes there is information about the preparation.

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