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What can I freeze for the winter in the freezer

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I'll listen, maybe I'll freeze

I'm freezing only berries for compotes. And a lot of fish and meat. Semi-finished products-pel'menis, cutlets.Green.

Another ready-made dough for pizza. Children themselves take out the plates of dough and make pizza.

It seems to be a freezer. Okay, I'll try everything, then I'll tell you what happened

Carrots convenient to freeze, I even added to plovin winter, and in general I decided to use frozen carrots in spring and early summer, because until spring and in the cellar is stored normally. but now I think fine to freeze, in order to save

You can freeze anything. The question is where else to apply then you can? To quickly and deliciously

I think I'll try to fry the eggplantfreeze, and in winter to do something like a salad. carrots raw, on a fine grater, honestly, mayonnaise, eggplant. I'm doing this now, in a jar in layers and in the fridge. in, I remembered, my friend did it and stuffed it into the freezer, cooled it and forgot, after a couple of days it was defrosted and everything became normal, everything was delicious. but I do not know, scary for a longer time with mayonnaise

and the day before yesterday one package added added to the meat in the cartoon, very tasty.

Pepper Bulgarian (preferably in different colors) - 1 kg

A lot of greens, I usually put parsley and dill. The rest of the greenery is frozen separately.

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