/ / Is it possible to cook dumplings in a teapot electric

Can I cook dumplings in a teapot electric

P.S. really, he tried

-15 dumplings (more simply does not survive)

-individual not scared of scalding

about this I tried to cook dumplings

Put the kettle on. As soon as the kettle begins to boil, open the lid. (if you do not do it on time the kettle simply turns off) When you open the lid, be careful, it can easily scald the steam.

Water is boiling in our kettle. We fall asleep in the water pelmeni and wait for the boiling of water. (I advise you to stir something wooden, otherwise you can get a good electric shock))))))))))))))))))))))))

after boiling wait 4 minutes.

VALLEY))) our dumplings are ready !! I wish you bon appetit! And do not forget to salt.

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