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How to freeze champignons whole fresh

Champignons - 0,5 kg

Usually, in order to freeze the mushrooms, II buy only the freshest mushrooms. They are snow-white, without brown spots and dents. In addition, most often I take mushrooms of medium size - they are the most versatile.

Champignons can be frozen completely. To do this, we remove the washed and dried mushrooms in a bag with a clamp, expel the air from the bag and close it.

But even more often than whole mushrooms, we use mushrooms cut into plates. We will make also such preparation!

In order to ensure that during the freezing process, brittlepieces of mushrooms are not broken, they must first be frozen in a thin layer. I usually lay out a single layer of mushrooms on any substrate. I put a bowl in the upper part of the freezer for quick freezing.

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