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Is it possible to free cooked buckwheat

At first glance, freezing a ready-made cereal can seem like a strange occupation, and few people freeze such a product, but there are many advantages in this matter. And the benefits are obvious, especially for the economical mistress.

At once I will tell, that all ready porridge gives in to a frost. Cooked on milk or water, salty or sweet - you can freeze each of them.

  • Storage temperature for all types of porridge - minus 18 degrees or less.
  • Shelf life in the freezer will differ: for milk porridges - 4 months, for porridges cooked on water - 6 months.
  • How to defrost? Only in the refrigerator! Defrosting porridge on the kitchen table, it is possible to get a spoiled product, especially if the milk is porridge! It is enough just to move the container with frozen porridge from the freezer to the refrigerator for several hours and wait for the complete defrosting of the product.

If you have a lot of readyoatmeal, and this is enough for one more full portion, then it can be frozen, in order to continue serving for breakfast or dinner, for example, making oatmeal with tomatoes and onions.

It is necessary to allow the porridge to cool completely in a saucepan,put it in the container for freezing, close the lid and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes - 1 hour, to sufficiently cool the porridge before freezing. Label the container and move the porridge to the freezer.

Porridge can also be stored in a plastic bag or food film. There is a great way in which frozen porridge will occupy a minimum of space in the freezer.

It is necessary to lining the container with food film orpolyethylene bag so that the bottom and walls of the container are completely covered with a film, and the free ends hang down. Place the porridge in a container, refrigerate in a refrigerator, freeze.

And after you get a brick of frozen porridge, it is finally well wrapped in a film and put on further storage in the freezer.

If the porridge remains 2-3 spoons, and this will not be enough for a full portion, then the remainder of the porridge can be frozen in small polyethylene kulechkah.

Such a handful of ready-made porridge come in handy whenpreparing minced meat for cutlets - you just need to add thawed oatmeal to the meat or vegetable mince. Ready cutlets will turn out to be much more magnificent, softer and they will turn out more.

If oat porridge sweet and is not suitable for cooking cutlets or garnishes, it can be added to the cottage cheese pastry for casseroles or cheese cakes, and to prepare oatmeal.

If it is liquid, then it is necessary to pour completelycooled porridge in a jar, container or bucket (not topping up about 1.5 cm to leave room to increase the volume of liquid), cool in the refrigerator and move to the freezer.

To serve porridge for breakfast it must be defrosted in the evening. Defrost only in the refrigerator!

Defrosted porridge in the fridge can warm upon the stove or use a microwave oven. And that the porridge was still tasty, you can add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla sugar, grated lemon or orange peel, make a sauce, for example, caramel apples.

All of the above actions can be applied to any porridge.

Remains buckwheat salted porridge they are suitable for the preparation of minced meat, for example, for Greek or meatballs, as well as pancakes from the liver.

Freeze buckwheat, too, can be a brick, well lining the bottom of the container with a film.

Defrosted buckwheat porridge can be supplementedpumpkin and mushrooms. These ingredients will so decorate the dish with their scents that no one will guess that this porridge was cooked not half an hour, but 2-3 weeks ago.

Milk sweet buckwheat porridge (defrosted only on the shelf of the refrigerator!) to warm up in a convenient way, season with sauce, fruits and serve for breakfast or snack.

Also sweet buckwheat porridge can be mixed with cottage cheese, bake in the oven and get a buckwheat curd casserole.

Guided by the same principles, rice, millet, barley, pearl, wheat, semolina and corn porridge are frozen.

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