/ / You can freeze figs for the winter

You can freeze figs for the winter

such things certainly do not freeze. Strawberries will be super if it is grinded by a blender or by a cessation. I immediately do with sugar, then taste like fresh. A frozen only on compote

Agree. If freezing, then with sugar and after the blender. With pancakes and cottage cheese is excellent in winter.

Here the cherry is well frozen. the cherry is spoiled. figs wanted to leave a fresh try (we are from Turkey), but while she arrived, the season ended, and the defrosted bad, as you said. green beans are well frozen, I still cut along it, and then into three parts. With fried onions and 5 tomatoes in the pressure cooker - super!

Cherry did not freeze. It's good that you wrote about the cherry, I will not freeze. And the fig certainly upset me yesterday. It's good that I decided to try to defrost it before winter, otherwise I froze it so much, so it would only occupy the place. Yesterday everything was thrown out and a lot of space was vacated. I would have known, I cooked jam better. Either something else would have froze. Green beans are just super! And I liked the cauliflower and the frozen broccoli. A lot of frosted and now vegetable soups to cheer.

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