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Is it possible to salt pike eggs in autumn

What you need to know, before you salt the caviar at home:</ h4>

  • Salmon caviar should be fresh, that is extracted from freshly caught fish.
  • The fatter the fish and the larger the caviar, the more pleasant it will be for you to eat it
  • In the first place, popular recipes are salting caviar pike, pike perch, crucian carp, bream, you can pickle the caviar caviar.
  • It is important to clean the caviar from the hymen: open the film and wipe the back of the palm over the enameled druish - an aluminum drudge does not fit, because its sharp edges will spoil the eggs.

How to simply salt the caviar in the home - a universal recipe:

To salivate caviar, you will need:

  • 800 grams of caviar, 300 grams of salt for a solution, 3 liters of water for a solution, 1 teaspoon of salt, 4 tablespoons of oil.

To salivate caviar, you will need:

  • Pike caviar - 550 grams, salt - 2 tablespoons, vegetable oil - 10 ml.

  • caviar of pike - 300 grams, water, salt.
A simple recipe for quick pickling of pike roe:

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Smoked fish. Delicious. Aromatic. Melting in the mouth. All that is needed to smoke fish at home or on a fishing trip is a smokehouse and a fire. We'll figure out how to cook smoked fish at home. We learn how to smoke fish, what kind of wood is needed for smoking, what kind of fish to smoke, how to gut and salt fish before smoking, how much to smoke fish and even how to smoke fish without smokehouse!

How delicious to bake a fish, not every mistress knows. Therefore, we have compiled the best recipes for baked fish in this article. Here and the fish baked in the oven, and the recipes of fish baked in foil, and fish baked with vegetables! How delicious the fish baked with potatoes, and the fish baked with cheese becomes an ornament of each table. Fish dishes are delicious and healthy. We hope that our recipes for baked fish will please you.

We cook fish on a fire, in clay and sand, onrods and on stone, in paper and parchment. Everyone who wanted to catch everything else except the goldfish and Emelin pike, probably wondered how he would cook it. And invariably everyone remembered something such a brutal-exotic type of fish in clay, ash, on stones. well, in extreme cases in foil or parchment. It did not turn out very, as a rule, but then the wife was given the task to make a carafe in sour cream.

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