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Can I cook dumplings in a multinark Polaris

With the advent of this miracle-aggregate, the restappliances for cooking (pots, pans, steamers) just dust in the kitchen boxes. Still, the multivarker is so universal that people will soon stop using cookers in general. Because it can cook soup, and cook the second, and bake cake, and make porridge for the child, even cook the dumplings in a multivarque, too, you can. And in several ways!

Dumplings are prepared using a specialplastic basket, which comes complete with a multibar and is designed for cooking various dishes for a couple. This is a good option for the adherents of a proper and healthy diet, as the dishes for a couple differ great taste without losing their nutritional values:

  1. Prepare a multivark and a steaming basket.</ p>

Dumplings are cooked in water, so it's better to take homemade dumplings so that you can eat them together with the broth. To cook dumplings in a multivark in the "Soup" mode, you need:

  1. Prepare a multivark and pour water into it. The more ravioli, the more water.</ p>

In this mode, dumplings are cooked for about half an hour, plus or minus 5 minutes.

This method is a little unusual, but the pelmeni are very delicious. With his help, the semi-finished product first "gilds", and then only brewed:

  1. Take 1 tbsp vegetable or a piece of butter and put on the bottom of the multivark.</ p>
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