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Is it possible to cook soup from a frozen chicken

I read a story of some kind, where my father and son cooked a whole frozen chicken and she did not weld them. Mom came and said that the chicken must first be unfrozen

If the chicken is clean, without fluff and feathers, if all the insides are removed, then there should not be any problems when cooking frozen chicken.

If you cook a frozen chicken, then you need to consider that the cooking process will increase significantly over time.

Always frozen chicken needs to be rinsedunder a stream of water cold or slightly warm, by no means hot. In the pan in which the chicken will be boiled it is necessary to pour only cold water and include a small fire. While the chicken is not completely defrosted, it is better not to include a strong fire, although this is permissible.

After boiling water you need to remove the scum and then the chicken is cooked as usual.

They just did not wait long enough. By "not welded" they perceived the time that usually went away from my mother. In a large saucepan it is quite possible to arrange frozen whole chicken, pour it with cold water and start cooking on a slow fire. Cover cover to avoid heat loss and accelerate the process. And then the most important thing is that the wood does not run out. Or gas. Or electricity, if it is not forgotten to include.

The gutted hen or not is already a question to heredible after cooking, and only for humans, because the pet is suitable and such. The author about the presence of a cat or dog in the house did not write anything? And about how my mother razrilila situation with her stupid "must have been before"?

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