/ / Is it possible to freeze the chicken a second time

Can I freeze the chicken for the second time?

Any frozen food, including chicken, minced meat, meat, fish can only be defrosted once. Otherwise, the taste and nutritional value of products significantly reduced.

To avoid the need to freezeproducts again, I always divide them into portions before frost and wrap them in food film. Moreover, from many products before freezing I do homemade semifinished products.

I will give examples. Here I have a whole chicken or chicken breasts or thighs. Breasts I cut into thin layers - I cut off large pieces with a small hammer, grease the onion in a blender with spices to taste (without salt), chop each chicken into a film, put it in the freezer, if necessary, easily get the right amount, cut small cubes from thighs - I also add chopped onion with spices this time-it will go like goulash, as a component of a dish with pasta. Wings separately, you can fry them, from the remnants of meat-minced meat, too, with onion garlic, spices (never add bread or egg) - grind on a blender and freeze the formed cutlets. "skeleton" boil for a light broth. Ideally, it will be good when you straighten out immediately with 2-3 chickens - more different pieces can be made. Fish, by the way, if whole, then freezes already brushed without gills, the abdomen is filled with chopped onion with herbs and spices. Fry only slightly defrosted.

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