/ / Is it possible to freeze grated parmesan cheese

Is it possible to freeze grated Parmesan cheese

We buy this very rarely, but I then cook the hodgepodge when suddenly I feel like it.

In pizza and khachapuri and other good goes the cheese from the freezer

But I have Here another question has arisen. Maybe someone knows. From Europe, cheese was brought, it was vacuum-packed, expired. CHyo do something? It's a pity to throw it away. Tomorrow I will open, smell. If suspicion does not cause, then pizza 4 cheese.

Read repeatedly that the shelf life is slightly less indicated, just in case.

Hard year more than a year less: crazy: still smelly. Sniff, in the refrigerator there should be nothing, everything has rotted there already, what could have been. Use in hot dishes

And with mold and mozzarella? : gy:

Well mozzarella I do not know. Many are overdue. It's soft cheese. At that point, I bought a defect in Stockmann, and Ted de Mouans. Too smelly, but it happens

I ate this cheese before the expiry date, panting with cowards: gy:

Mozzarella then it will be clear, if not then.

Like that, yes. Threw out nafig. I like fresh cheese

So it's fresh so stink, sort of that. But very delicious, if not sniff.

Fresh, in the sense of young. I have not taught myself in 15 years to eat these stink, my migraine starts from a tyramine. Tiramin is a product of protein decomposition, let them eat their own rotten cheese, I adore freshly baked, from the market, I always take one, like suluguni, I like buratto, etc.

Well. baked. Ofigitelno delicious. Do not think badly if Th: gy:

Yes, microbes are all definitely dead. The main thing that was delicious. I got out mozzarella, I forgot a packet with Ng. Until 12. 01. Smells at once not mozzarella, threw out.

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