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Is it possible to freeze a raw pumpkin

Cleaned from peel and seeds, cut into cubes, put in a bag and freezer!

Here is another version from Ineta!

I pass a large pumpkin through a food processor, then put it in a freezer in small bags. I add grated pumpkin in any soups, borsch, cutlets, etc.

# In the refrigerator cut pumpkin is recommended to store 3-4 days.

# Pumpkin can be frozen by pieces, peeling off the peel and seeds, and stored in the freezer from 6 months to a year.

And a little advice, I hope you will come in handy!

* If the dishes from the raw pumpkin seem insipid, you need to try baked, cooked or sweet dishes.

* Pumpkin soup will get tastier if you cook it from a baked pumpkin.

* It is very effective to serve dishes in the pumpkin!

* Pumpkin is very suitable spices: cumin, pepper, oriental mixture. As the taste of pumpkin is rather mild, it is perfectly combined with strong intense flavors, for example with cheese, garlic, aromatic herbs (with thyme, saffron and rosemary).

* To soften the pumpkin - steaming is preferable to boiling in water.

* To get rid of excess moisture when frying a pumpkin, it is recommended to cook it as zucchini - salt the pieces of pumpkin and let them lie down for two hours. After that, dry well with a paper towel.

* A nice pumpkin and for a grill, for this, cut the pumpkin into cubes or circles, grease with olive oil and grill until soft.

* Beta carotene, which is rich in pumpkin, are fat-soluble substances, and for their better absorption, it is desirable to add pumpkin oil and milk.

* Sometimes dishes from a pumpkin can turn out somewhat tasteless, so it is strongly recommended to add lots of spices and other, more "bright" to taste, vegetables to the pulp.

* Baking a pumpkin in the oven also enhances its taste and aroma compared to cooking or steaming.

* If a fresh pumpkin is not found, and in the recipe you need a pumpkin puree, you can use a canned or frozen pumpkin.

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